Digital Media Consumption Manifesto

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ABOUT US On February 3rd 2011 the 20 of us got together for a workshop at the Lift11 Conference.

Together we elaborated the digital media consumption manifesto.


Jordi Boggiano  @seldaek Web Developer, movie and series addict, I wish I could have more influence over which series are renewed or cancelled.

Pierre Spring  @shvi I hope "Don't Make Me Steal" will show the movie industry that people who love movies are just waiting for them to leave their legacy business models and embrace the digital distribution.


Jonas Bonni  @daoro Passionnate about the web & the way it affects our society, I'm a multimedia designer who loves with photography, typography, music & movies


Anna Jobin  @annajobin I know the Film Industry. I love movies. Let's find a way to link vision to reality...

Steven Schuler  @snschuler Sr. Assoc. Dir. Emerging Technologies at the Ball State University, Indiana.

Gerhard Andrey  @anderageru Web Development, heavy series and movie consumer, addicted to original versions and desperately looking for up to date distribution models.

Barnaby Skinner  @barjack Technology Editor at SonntagsZeitung.

Marc Friederich  @zufrieden owner, UX specialist, movie and music consumer. Dreaming of finding a better way than piracy.

Thomas Botton  @skeud Trying to find a solution in order for real and good movie makers to survive.

Ryan Gheath  @ryangheath I love artists but our copyright system is broken, we need to show the demand and potential for simple, legal offers.

Peter Angelos  @pmangelos Mobile & Digital Media executive, I want to help find a framework where people can enjoy digital media and where the content creators can survive.

Christophe Noualhat  @ehran Global license advocate.

Eric Pasquier  @papasse Teacher, Web developper, UX passionate.

Simon Rohrbach  @simonrohrbach Designing services that create revenue and engage users.

Chris Hunt  @thisisthechris Helping to rethink media.

Julien Henzelin  @julienhenzelin Associate at Liquid Concept, Web enthusiast & Ruby on Rails addict, interested in finding out more about the ethics of piracy.

Nicolas Bonstein  @micronin VOD & Web, musician

Gabriel Klein  @gabriel_klein CSA Poken.

Alberto Gomez  @kidvaldez



Jose Luis  @helpman77 Spanish translation

Sebastian Wallroth  @real68er German translation

Marcello Di Marino  @m_dimarino Brazilian Portuguese translation

Jordi Boggiano  @seldaek French translation

Jan Rosa  @janrosa Slovak translation

Luigi Ferrara  @Ggferrara Italian translation

Ewa Lipinska  @vVarali Polish translation

Laura Broenink  @tancaliel Dutch translation

Jarkko Girs  @Ladadude Finnish translation